Chinese Food Made Easy

6x30 mins

With thousands of Chinese restaurants in Britain, Chinese food is one of the nation's favourite takeaways.

In Chinese Food Made Easy, the new wok-star of Chinese food Ching-He Huang reveals how delicious Chinese food can be prepared at home with easy-to-prepare mouth-watering recipes using fresh, healthy and readily available ingredients.

Throughout the series Ching-He Huang gives the nation’s favourite Chinese dishes a contemporary, fresh, healthy twist, and reveals a host of straightforward practical tips for newcomers to Chinese cooking at home.

With her distinctive take on Chinese cooking she reveals how Chinese food really can be healthy and how simple it is to prepare.

Ching travels the length and breadth of the UK making easy healthy fresh Chinese food showing the people who she meets on her travels how to cook using locally-sourced ingredients.

Her journey around the UK takes her from as far north as Kinlochbervie in Northern Scotland to Ullapool, to the Welsh Borders, to the Midllands, Lancashire, East Anglia and London.

She meets the fishermen, farmers of the UK in her journey around the country as she cooks for the British Olympic Teams on the eve of their departure to China.

She also cooks for the dancers of English National Ballet, the models of one of London’s leading fashion ateliers, the fire-fighters of Lancashire, the bookies of Chepstow and the fishermen of Sutherland.

Ching He Huang was born in 1978 in Taiwan to Chinese parents, and was raised on freshly-cooked home meals for which ingredients were bought on a daily basis.

Her major food influences stem from the traditional cooking styles of her farming community grandparents, who lived in the countryside of southern Taiwan.

Alongside their paddy fields and bamboo farms, they also cultivated an orangery, sweet potato patch, and mango trees.

So for Ching, weekends were a chance to eat meals and snacks which originated from age-old recipes but were fresh from the soil.

Chinese Food Made Easy is accompanied by a book of the same name published by Harper Collins to coincide with broadcast.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two

TX Date: July 2008

Total Episodes: 6