HH: Gory Games

13 x 30 mins

Dave Lamb and his glamourless assistant, RattusRattus host an irresistible extension to Horrible Histories with a brand new game show. HH: Gory Games.

Three horrible Historians test their knowledge of the beastly bits of history with quirky quizzes and gory games as they compete to win an Egyptian mummy’s hand, a Georgian Navy maggoty biscuit, the cut-off ear of a Tudor thief, or...?

Hold on a second? Aren’t those the WORST prizes in history?

Not according to RattusRattus they’re not - the Horrible Histories talking rat thinks they’re just fab - and he’s chosen the prizes for the goriest, silliest, messiest game show CBBC has ever seen.

Production Information

Broadcaster: CBBC

TX Date: May 2011

Total Episodes: 13

Previous Series: 0

Duration: 30 mins

Executive Producer(s): Richard Bradley

Presenter(s): Dave Lamb, Rattus Rattus