Scream If You Know The Answer!

Duncan James hosts the most adrenaline-fuelled game show on TV!

Two teams, each comprised of a celebrity and a member of the public, battle it out in simple word, number and memory games but the catch is that each of these games is played on a different – but nonetheless terrifying – Roller Coaster or Thrill Ride in our Theme Park.

Both teams compete in the first four games and will be dropped, spun, flung, twisted and swung through all kinds of G Forces on the park’s enormous rides. Their simple aim is to score as many points as they can in these games – the team with the most points will make it through to the final game, on the park’s fastest and scariest ride, in a bid to win prize money for their contestant.

Competing celebrities include Katie Price, Phil Tufnell, Amir Khan and Ben Shephard. Colin Murray is on hand to provide wry commentary in this fast-paced, hilarious Family game show.

Production Information

Broadcaster: UKTV Watch

Total Episodes: 10 Episodes

Duration: 30 minutes

Executive Producer(s): Series Producer: Andy Scott, Senior Producer: Neale Simpson, Editors: Alex Hutchinson and Andy Lloyd, Production Manager: Tansi Inayat

Presenter(s): Duncan James, Colin Murray (Narration)