17th May 2016
RT @BenShires: Belly+jelly+smelly+telly = all you need to know about today's brand new Officially Amazing, up on @cbbc iPlayer now! https:/
13th May 2016
Lion TV nominated for Best Children's Programme for Officially Amazing. PM Michelle Tierney & Tom Cara SP. Congrats
16th May 2016
A dog with balancing skills this good?! 🐶 Yes,#OfficiallyAmazingg with@BenShiress is back! >
15th May 2016
RT @Manofminitalent: Tomorrow on @cbbc at 7.45am @BenShires is back with more new #officiallyamazing. This is obviously not him.
13th May 2016
Look what is back on Monday... #OfficiallyAmazing
6th May 2016
Is it #GameofThrones or #UltimateRome with @wmarybeard? @standardnews: both ‘share a sense for epic storytelling'
6th May 2016
RT @BenShires: Got a little carried away doing a voiceover. But then it is for BRAND NEW Officially Amazing coming soon to @cbbc!
26th Apr 2016
Getting bottle of wine, rejecting Masterchef, & narcissistically/nervously going to watch myself, Weds night at 9.00
26th Apr 2016
Mary Beard's Ultimate Rome: Empire Without Limits begins tomorrow @9pm on BBC2. #marybeard #rome #history #BBC2
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