Ancient Voices

In a series of short films, archaeologist Raksha Dave explores the amazing places, monuments and archaeological finds left behind from prehistoric Britain.

With a wealth of knowledge about the world before history was documented in Britain, Raksah Dave builds a picture of what it must have been like living in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

To bring prehistory alive and show how the ancient people of Britain shaped where we live now, Raksha makes a razor-sharp flint tool, helps to cast a bronze axe and, using only a red deer antler, mines iron ore in an ancient mine. She visits the exceptional Stone Age burial at Paviland, explores Stonehenge - where, nearby, the biggest discovery of prehistoric gold was unearthed - and enters the Secret Forest, home to the only known prehistoric open-cast iron mines in the world. Raksha also has a chance to help out with daubing a replica Neolithic home, tries on Bronze Age clothes and feasts on Iron Age food.

These films are specifically aimed at children of Key Stage 2 age for BBC Learning Zone.


Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two & BBC Learning & Bitesize

TX Date: March 2015

Format: 1 x 35 & 9 x 4

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Website: BBC- Ancient Voices

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke


Raksha Dave