HH: Gory Games

Dave Lamb and his glamourless assistant, Rattus Rattus, host an irresistible extension to Horrible Histories with a brand new historical game show full of quirky quizzes and gory games.

Three horrible Historians test their knowledge of the beastly bits of history with quirky quizzes and gory games as they compete to win an Egyptian mummy’s hand, a Georgian Navy maggoty biscuit, the cut-off ear of a Tudor thief, or...?

Hold on a second? Aren’t those the WORST prizes in history?

Not according to Rattus Rattus they’re not - the Horrible Histories talking rat thinks they’re just fab - and he’s chosen the prizes for the goriest, silliest, messiest game show CBBC has ever seen.

Production Information

Broadcaster: CBBC

TX Date: January 2014

Format: 13 x 30

Also see:  Horrible Histories, Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry and Horrible Histories Special: Sensational Shakespeare

Executive Producer(s):

Richard Bradley