Story of Britain

A series of 11 highly ambitious short films for Key Stage 2 children, charting the major changes in British history from the Stone Age to the reign of King John and Magna Carta.

The films are set in a timeless location with an ever evolving landscape from wild forests and stone circles to Roman forts and Norman Castles.

Based on issues such as Iron Age tribal conflict, to Viking sagas and the Norman invasion, each story is centred round family units, whose origins change vary from  native Britons and migrants and always with identifiable personalities.  With this winning combination of engaging stories and atmospheric animation KS2 children will be hooked!

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two & BBC Learning & BBC Bitesize

TX Date: March 2015

Format: 1 x 60 & 11 x 5

Also See: Ancient Voices and Roman Voices

Website: BBC - Story of Britain

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke

Awards & Nominations

Children’s BAFTA 2015

Primary Learning - Nom