Beat the Bailiff

Lorne Spicer investigates what happens when personal debt gets out of control and the bailiff calls to empty the householder's possessions.

Beat the Bailiff focuses on the increasing problem of massive personal debt, and what it takes to make people confront their often feckless spending habits and bad financial management.

This is achieved by not only looking at how the cash was splashed and totting up the mounting bills and summonses but also by sending in the Bailiffs to show what could happen for real, if people do not face the reality of their financial predicament.

Every detail of the Bailiffs in action is watched by the contributors on CCTV as their home is stripped bare of all their possession, which are then stored in a warehouse for 24 hours and evaluated by an auctioneer, before being returned.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC One

TX Date: April 2007

Format: 10 x 45

Series 1:

TX Date:  January 2006

Format:  20 x 45

Website: BBC- Beat the Bailiff

Executive Producer(s):

Nick Catliff


Lorne Spicer