The Secret World of the Holiday Resort

Documentary series following life in a Spanish all-inclusive resort.

The Secret World of the Holiday Resort lifts the lid on an all-inclusive hotel in the heart of Spain’s Costa Brava. Of the thousands of people who flock their each year we focus in on the hundreds of Brits who spend their two weeks yearly holiday lazing around in the sun, helping themselves to all the booze they can drink and all the food they can eat. It’s the classic Brits abroad experience as we spend some quality time with singletons, couples, mums, dads, kids, grandparents, aunts and uncles, from all over the UK. We witness the partying, the family feuds, the stolen romantic moments, the incidents, the accidents; everything, quite literally, under the sun.

We uncover what us Brits really want out of a holiday in Spain and how we go about it. Whether it’s a serving soldier snatching a chance at some rare family time, a group of mega lads from Sheffield sharking the local ladies, fianc├ęs celebrating their engagement or kids experiencing their first time abroad, it’s all there, warts an all. There’ll be laughter, there’ll be tears and there will definitely be sunburn.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Channel 5

TX Date: January 2019

Format: 4 x 60

Useful Links:

Channel 5: The Secret World of the Holiday Resort 

Executive Producer(s):

Jon Alwen