Urban Myths: David Bowie & Marc Bolan

A dramatisation of the first time David Bowie met Marc Bolan.

Part of Sky Arts ‘Urban Myths’ strand, this film recounts the colourful first meeting of two struggling teenage musicians, Davie Jones (later Bowie) and Mark Feld (who became Bolan). David first met Mark when they were summoned to their manager Les Conn's office in Denmark Street one morning and, in lieu of them making him any actual money by selling any records, asked to repaint his office. This is When Bowie met Bolan.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Sky Arts

TX Date: May 2018

Format: 1 x 30

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Sky - Urban Myths: David Bowie & Marc Bolan




Executive Producer(s):

Simon Welton


Luke Treadaway as Bowie

Jack Whitehall as Bolan

Adrian Edmondson as their manager, Les Conn