World Series of Dating

Speed dating and sports collide in a brand new comedy series with guest star Rob Riggle.

Four distinctive and especially selective girls govern the 'datezone' as a number of guys try to last as long as they can over a dinner date. The girls can buzz a guy out for any reason at any time and only one boy can win the first episode with the hope of making it through to the final to be declared Britain's greatest living dater.

Rob Riggle and Tom Price oversee proceedings in their own unique character performances as Doyle MacManus and James Chetwnd-Talbot. Newcomer Bentley Kalu plays the role of the referee with comedienne, Thaila Zucchi as the touchline reporter (Poppy Weathers).

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Three

TX Date: March 2012

Format: 8 x 30

Website: BBC - World Series of Dating



Executive Producer(s):

Simon Welton


Rob Riggle and Tom Price