Animal Farm

This series examines the morals behind the genetic engineering of animals created by science on this fictional farm.

If scientists can put a human ear on the back of a mouse is this a good thing? If they can create a rabbit that glows in the dark should we fear it? And if they can make a goat that produces spider silk in its milk is this going too far?

Since time began, evolution has produced weird and wonderful creatures. Now man can do the same. Science has allowed us to unlock the secrets of life itself.

So, are we, as some believe, on the verge of a terrible nightmare, living in a world gone mad? Or could genetic engineering be a force for good?

This is not tomorrow’s world, it’s happening now.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Channel 4

TX Date: March 2007

Format: 3x60

Website: Channel 4 - Animal Farm



Executive Producer(s):

Richard Bradley