Athens: The Truth About Democracy

Classical historian Bettany Hughes explores the reality behind Athens - a city lauded as the mainspring of Western-style democracy, liberty and freedom of speech.

Heady words are used to describe Athenian life in the 5th century BC, 'a Golden Age', 'the Greek Miracle'.

Reality, of course, was richer and more complex.

In this timely series, which aims to keep the wider public alive to the nuances of demos-kratia, new archaeological evidence and contributions from experts in the period combine to generate a powerful TV resource for students of the classical world.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Channel 4 & PBS

TX Date: July 2007

Format: 2 x 48 & 2 x 56

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Bettany Hughes

Website: Channel 4 - Athens: The Truth about Democracy



Executive Producer(s):

Richard Bradley


Bettany Hughes