Edwardian Farm

Archaeologists Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn, and historian Ruth Goodman attempt to bring Morwellham Quay Farm in Devon back to life as it would have been in its Edwardian heyday.

The team will be living the lives of Edwardian Farmers for a full calendar year – getting to grips with the skills and crafts of the early 20th century, using only the tools and materials which would have been available at the time.

It was an ear when farmers had to diversify into fishing, mining, market gardening and master the industrial advances of the Edwardian age. It was an era of inventors and entrepreneurs and great social change.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two

TX Date: November 2010

Format: 12 x 60

Other Series:  Victorian Farm, Wartime Farm and Tudor Monastery Farm

Website: BBC - Edwardian Farm


all3media International

Executive Producer(s):

David Upshal


Alex Langlands

Peter Ginn

Ruth Goodman


You get the impression that Peter, Alex and Ruth would go back in time and live like this if they could, and that they are essentially in training for the day when time travel is invented. If it is no less daft for their earnestness, it is a great deal more enjoyable because of it.

The Guardian