Henry VII: Winter King

An extraordinary journey into the dark and chilling world of the first Tudor: Henry VII, and his ruthless tactics to win and hold onto the ultimate prize, the throne of England.

Exploring magnificent buildings and long lost documents, Penn reveals the true story of this suspicious, enigmatic and terrifying monarch.

From his victory over Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, to his secret death and the succession of his son Henry VIII, author Thomas Penn investigates the ruthless tactics Henry VII used to ensure a Tudor succession.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two

TX Date: May 2013

Format: 1 x 60

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke


Thomas Penn


As well as forcing people into debt to guarantee good behaviour, Henry set up the “Council Learned in the Law”, which inflicted crushing financial penalties – and sometimes fabricated charges – on anyone it pleased.

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