Immortal Egypt with Joann Fletcher

Joann Fletcher explains how Ancient Eygpt's extraordinary story fits together; from nomads to pyramid builders, from tomb robbers to the last of the Pharoahs.

In this four-part series, Joann goes in search of the building blocks of Egyptian civilisation. She learns how they evolved, in just a few centuries, from primitive farmers to pyramid builders.

Joann travels almost 20,000 years back in time to discover North Africa’s earliest rock art in Qurta, upper Egypt, and explores the primal signs of Egyptian society at one of the earliest settlements along the River Nile. She discovers the first writing that was used to calculate taxes, and explores one of the first stone structures on Earth - Egypt’s first Pyramid.

She ends her journey in the greatest monument of them all – the Great Pyramid. Here she explains how Egypt had now reached its pinnacle: the ultimate society, creating one of the wonders of the ancient world, and ultimately establishes itself as the world's most fascinating and enduring civilisation.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Two

TX Date: February 2016

Format: 4 x 60

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Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke

Gillian Mosely


Joann Fletcher