Nature's Wonderlands: Islands of Evolution

In this three part series Prof Richard Fortey investigates why islands are natural laboratories for evolution and meets some of the unique and remarkable species that live on them.

‘Islands of Evolution’ reveals that there’s much more to evolution than ‘survival of the fittest’.

Charting the lifecycle of islands, from their birth and colonisation to the flowering of evolutionary creativity that often accompanies their maturity; and what happens when an island grows old and nears its end.

Prof. Fortey encounters wild lemurs in the rainforest of Madagascar, acid-resistant shrimps in the rock pools of Hawaii, and giant wolf spiders in Madeira as he searches for the hidden rules of island evolution.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Four & BBC Worldwide

TX Date: February 2016

Format: 3 x 60

Related Series: Fossil Wonderlands: Nature's Hidden Treasure

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke


Prof Richard Fortey