Silbury: The Heart of the Hill

This film coincides with the final archaeological exploration of the interior of the largest man-made mound in Europe - a journey to the heart of Silbury Hill.

But there is a much bigger story too, that of the people who built the Hill, subsistence farmers who’s beliefs drove them to sculpt the landscape of the Avebury area, leaving a legacy of great structures.

What was the world they lived in and why did they build Silbury Hill?

As the film unfolds over the course of this summer’s tunneling and excavations, major new discoveries help archaeologists understand this huge enigmatic monument

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Four

TX Date: October 2007

Format: 1 x 60

Useful Links:

BBC News - Silbury Hill mysteries are unravelled in new book

Website: BBC - Silbury: The Heart of the Hill

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke


Mary-Ann Ochota

Neil Oliver