The Dambusters' Great Escape

The extraordinary story of how two RAF squadrons finally sank Tirpirtz, Germany’s most powerful and dangerous Second World War battleship, after 34 failed attempts.

Christened 'The Beast' by Churchill, Tirpitz was Nazi Germany's most powerful and dangerous battleship. Protected by an elite squadron of German fighters, it was seen as invincible. After 34 attempts to sink it in its Norwegian lair had failed, the RAF sent in the 617 'Dambusters' Squadron and 9 Squadron, and in a spectacular raid on 14 November 1944 they managed to slip through German defences and sink Tirpitz.

With eyewitness accounts from surviving RAF crew, one of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots and German sailors who were on Tirpitz that day, this documentary tells this extraordinary story from a uniquely intimate and personal perspective and offers new and intriguing evidence to explain the raid's improbable success.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Channel 4

TX Date: March 2014

Format: 1x47min

Website: Channel 4


All3Media International

Executive Producer(s):

Nick Catliff