Venice 24/7

Series which follows Venice's 24 hour emergency and public services to keep the city safe.

Venice draws millions of tourists each year to experience thousands of years of culture and history.

But what about the Venice we don’t know? How does a city built on mud really work? How do the people cope with the day to day challenges of living in the world’s most famous city?

With unprecedented access to Venice’s emergency and public services we see behind the 15th century fa├žades to reveal the real living, breathing city. 

We speed along canals with the fire brigade as they struggle to put out fires in a city built on wood, we’re with the police on the tail of thieves who prey on Carnival tourists and we’re with the paramedics as they face life and death drama.

Production Information

Broadcaster: BBC Four

TX Date: March 2012

Format: 6 x 30

Website: BBC - Venice 24/7


all3media / Buyout – NGC Network International, LLC

Executive Producer(s):

Richard Bradley