Viking Apocalypse

Viking Apocalypse explores how a burial pit containing 54 beheaded skeletons discovered in the south of England, uncovers the secrets and sickening brutality of these Scandinavian warriors.

A shocking discovery is made when road builders cut through the chalk while digging foundations for a new highway. In a shallow grave  a tangled mass of headless corpses, and to one side a pile of severed heads are excavated. Who are these victims? Why were they killed?

‘Viking Apocalypse’ pieces together the events that led up to this massacre revealing secrets of the Scandinavian warriors who once brought terror to Britain. Cutting edge forensics together with ancient texts and heroic sagas tell a story of greed, betrayal and retribution, bringing the Vikings back from the dead.

Production Information

Broadcaster: National Geographic

TX Date: January 2012

Format: 1 x 60


Buyout – NGC Network International, LLC

Executive Producer(s):

Bill Locke


Brit Baille