18 Kids and Counting

In 18 Kids and Counting Britain’s biggest family, the Radfords, is about to get even bigger.

It’s been  a special year for their family – at the age of 40 Sue is pregnant with baby number 18.  And daughter Sophie, already herself a  mother of two is getting married.  After the tragedy of last year when their 17th died in the womb, this pregnancy is particularly anxious. Dad Noel is keen for Sue to take it easy but with so many mouths to feed, 9 loads of washing to do per day and a ten bedroom house to clean it’s not an option. His fears are realised when Sue is rushed into hospital at 40 weeks with reduced movement of the baby. Sue is induced: but after an anxious night a healthy baby Hallie is born.

With nine boys and eight girls to dress, preparing for Sophie’s wedding is a monumental task. It’s not helped by Noel walking up on the morning of the wedding with a hangover. At the wedding, bride Sophie reveals that at the age of 21 she is pregnant with her third. Although she always claimed she has no intention of following in the footsteps of her mother she now has the same number of children Sue has at her age. Is history repeating itself?

Meanwhile  Scotland’s biggest family has grown too.   The Hanns brood has swelled to 13 kids. 21 year old Polly Hann has just returned from two years away on a Mormon mission, but readjusting to sharing space with her 12 siblings proves difficult.  Her parents want her to stay but she is desperate to move out to a place of her own.

Production Information

Broadcaster: Channel 4

TX Date: December 2015

Format: 1 x 60

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Executive Producer(s):

Richard Bradley

Donna Clark