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Bill Locke

Bill Locke

Director of Specialist Factual

As Director of Specialist Factual, Bill focuses on history, science, archaeology, arts and documentary for broadcasters all over the world - covering diverse subjects from Chinese Emperors to Syrian schoolchildren, newly discovered fossils to Vincent van Gogh’s missing ear; in styles from drama-documentary to presenter led investigations, studio competitions to observational documentaries, living history to computer games and animation.

Recent productions include the returning series Inside the Tower of London (Channel 5), Britain’s Biggest Dig (BBC2), The Battle of Britain - 3 Days that Saved the Nation (C5) and Rome’s Chariot Superstars (ZDF/Smithsonian/Channel 4).

In recent years Bill has made films for BBC, C4, ITV, C5, Sky, ARTE, France Television, History Channel, National Geographic, Smithsonian, PBS, TRT (Turkey) – frequently as co-productions. Bill has also navigated making programmes in China, building key partnerships with CICC, Jiangsu Broadcasting Corporation, Phoenix Satellite Broadcasting and CCTV amongst others.

Bill enjoys working with presenters – experts and non-experts – recently including Tracy Borman on Anne Boleyn, Arrest, Trial and Execution, Dan Snow and Kate Humble on Battle of Britain and Yasmin Khan and Alice Roberts on Britain’s Biggest Dig.

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