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22 Kids and Counting At Christmas

22 Kids and Counting At Christmas

unwrap a festive special laden with sibling rivalry and heartfelt moments.

Brace yourselves for a festive frenzy as the Radford family unwrap a Christmas like never before. 22 Kids and Counting at Christmas airs Sunday 17th December at 8pm on Channel 5.

As the festive season approaches, Sue Radford, the matriarch of the UK’s beloved Radford family, welcomes viewers into her bustling household in a Christmas Special episode of 22 Kids and Counting. Known for embracing the chaos of raising 22 children, Sue Radford’s favourite time of the year is celebrated with heaps of presents, a show-stopping tree, and a colossal trolley overflowing with treats for the entire family.

This year, however, the Radford Christmas is hanging by a thread as sibling rivalry reaches unprecedented levels, threatening to cast a shadow over the holiday cheer. The escalating tension between Luke and Chloe, who are currently not on speaking terms, has reached a point where it could potentially shatter the festive joy. Adding to the turmoil, son Daniel drops a bombshell, revealing his plans to move to Australia in the upcoming year, leaving Sue devastated.

In a desperate bid to salvage what could be their last Christmas together, Sue takes a heart-wrenching step, cancelling the Radford’s Christmas and seeking solace at her mother’s house. Can Dad Noel rise to the challenge and reunite the Radford’s, saving Christmas and preserving the essence of their unique family dynamic?

Get ready for a yuletide rollercoaster filled with laughter, tears, and the unpredictable charm of the Radford family. Will Christmas magic prevail, or will this be the most unforgettable Radford holiday yet? Find out when the Christmas special episode of 22 Kids and Counting at Christmas unwraps on Sunday 17th December at 8pm, on Channel 5.

08 December 2023
Lion Television