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Horrible Histories celebrates British Black History 

Horrible Histories celebrates British Black History 

The first episode of series 9 of Horrible Histories ‘British Black History’ has dropped on BBC iPlayer.  This is the first show of its kind for a young audience to explore and celebrate the contribution of Britain’s black population to the diverse history of these islands, from the Roman Aurelian Moors sent to guard Hadrian’s Wall to the Sons of Africa, from Catalina maid to Catherine of Aragon to Ignatius Sancho, the first Black Briton to vote. 

The show is written by some of comedy’s rising stars, features some of Britain’s leading young comedians, and is script edited by Akemnji Ndifornyen (Famalam) and Ben Ward.  History consultant is Prof David Dabydeen.  In a creative departure for the series it's also the first episode to feature multiple animated sketches. 

12 May 2021
Lion Television