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Horrible Histories 'Precious Planet' lands for COP26

Horrible Histories 'Precious Planet' lands for COP26

Precious Planet a new episode of Horrible Histories was beamed onto the side of BBC's Pacific Quay building in Glasgow as part of COP26.  The show which dropped this week on iPlayer and TXed on CBBC explored humanity's relationship to the planet and natural resources.  Presented by Charles Darwin, we look at Henry VIII chopping down oaks to build his fleet, the crazy rush for gold and oil.  Judge Rob Rinder has environmentalist Rachel Carson, author of The Silent Spring, and agrochemists in court, Sten Gustav Thulin gives us an insight on Instagram into his idea for saving the environment, the invention of the plastic bag (so good you only need one!), and there's a song that sums it all up with a nod to Billie Eilish, 'Bad Guys'. 

12 November 2021
Lion Television