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Style it Out

Style it Out

Lion Scotland’s exciting new show for CBBC and iPlayer launches on January 10th at 6pm.

The series, presented by Emma Willis, sees nine creative fashion-loving youngsters from across the UK compete in a styling contest with sustainably at its core. The prize – is a big one – the chance to showcase their original creations at London Fashion Week.

It's a star studded cast, Emma and the contestants are joined by resident judges Ayishat Akanbi and Jorge Antonio as well as weekly celebrity judges including Gok Wan, Katya Jones, Molly , Kyle Thomas, Tilly Lockey, The Lewis Sisters, Poppy O’Toole, Meesha Garbett, Donel, Talia Mar, Anais Gallagher and  Shereen Cutkelvin .

Throughout the contest the young designers will challenge fashion ‘norms’ and stereotypes, create cool clothes for all shapes and sizes, and learn more about sustainability and recycling.

Each week the contestants will go head-to-head competing in challenges, from big scale styling tasks like creating red-carpet outfits, through to smaller, more intricate customisation challenges which viewers at home can enjoy. Contestants might find themselves designing for their teacher, their nan, or even a celebrity over the course of the series and weekly themes, such as Prom, Halloween or Animals will add to the testing of their artistic creativity.

Emma Willis said: “Style It Out has been a real passion project for me so I’m thrilled it’s finally here for kids to enjoy and hopefully be inspired by. The show is an amazing platform for the next generation of stylists and fashion designers to showcase their individuality and creative flair, all with sustainability in mind. It’s been an absolute pleasure to watch these talented young creatives flourish and show off their personal style.“

10 January 2024
Lion Television