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Age of Empires IV has landed – with Lion at its heart

Age of Empires IV has landed – with Lion at its heart

The long-awaited latest version of the mighty Age of Empires game is released today! 

For AoE4, Lion has created a host of beautiful campaigns films that guide players through the history by mixing live action with the graphics wizardry of our friends at Compost.  And we’ve also made an array of gritty and illuminating ‘hands on history’ films that gamers unlock as they progress through the ages.  Filming took place everywhere from Inner Mongolia to Poland; Kazan to California; Brittany to Lincolnshire.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Relic and Microsoft’s World’s Edge Studios in a fascinating collaboration between gaming and television.

Age of Empires IV Review 5/5 Stars...

“Hands on History and Path of History segments are incredible, both in knowledge conveyed and production quality…they're an integral part of the full experience.” 

“The developers took things to a whole new level with "Hands on History" and "Path of History" video segments… produced by award-winning Lion TV…I don't know any other game that has focused so heavily on getting history right.” Read the full review at

28 October 2021
Lion Television