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The Lost World of the Hanging Gardens

The Lost World of the Hanging Gardens

Once it was the world’s largest and most important city – now it is being newly rediscovered.

This is a dramatic, engaging and inspiring story of archaeology, history and the human spirit, all set against the backdrop of a nation rebuilding after war. It is the remarkable story of one of the world’s greatest lost cities – Nineveh. Why did this great city disappear? And could it also be the site of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the last lost wonder of the ancient world?

By mixing emotional and inspiring human stories, with remarkable archaeological breakthroughs and cutting-edge forensics, this film shows how new discoveries are helping Iraqis reclaim their remarkable history, and uncover the most complete picture of ancient Nineveh ever, capital of one of the greatest civilisations, the world’s first genuine superpower: the Assyrians.



TX Date:

April 2024

  • Executive Producers: Richard Bradley and Marc Tiley
  • Producer/Director: Duncan Bulling