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Tomb Hunters

Tomb Hunters

In the shadow of the world’s oldest pyramid, Egyptian archaeologists make a groundbreaking discovery: an entire necropolis filled with golden treasures. Hundreds of Ancient Egyptians lay forgotten for nearly 2,500 years. Why are they buried together inside these huge mass graves?

In Saqqara, just outside of Cairo, buried 36 feet deep, an incredible 27+ sarcophagi were recently found. Untouched and unopened for over 2,500 years, they retained their original colour. Deemed as one of the most remarkable sites found in recent history.

Cameras follow an international team of archaeologists and Egyptologists as they excavate and unearth an unparalleled wealth of unseen treasure at this vast, ancient necropolis that has been undisturbed for over four thousand years. Featuring pyramid ruins and burial sites of the Egyptian Elite barely half a mile from the Step Pyramid, the stunning discoveries inside will allow us to investigate the fascinating story of life and death in ancient Egypt.

Now, for the first time in one place it is possible to piece together the evolution of the Egyptian attitude to death and burial – tomb building, mummification, funerary equipment and funerary texts. Stunning tombs, dozens of mummies and extraordinary artefacts all lead us on a journey far beyond the dig site to uncover mysteries of an ancient world.



TX Date:

June 2021

  • Director/s: Stephen Mizelas
  • Series Producer/s: James Franklin
  • Producer/s: Lina Zilinskaite
  • Edit Producer: Giulia Clark
  • Exec Producer/s: Richard Bradley, Caterina Turroni