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World’s Deadliest

World’s Deadliest

The Animal Kingdom is rife with epic stories of survival – tales of kill or be killed – a place where each and every moment is fraught with life and death decisions

National Geographic Wild’s World’s Deadliest brings this world to vivid life with action packed episodes, including: World’s Deadliest: 7 Deadly Sins, World’s Deadliest: Game of Thrones, World’s Deadliest: Animal Ninja Warriors, World’s Deadliest: Transformers and World’s Deadliest: Most Wanted. It is a thrilling, suspenseful and entertaining nature series that highlights the most riveting moments of animal predation in the wild.


Nat Geo Wild

TX Date:

October 2013

  • Exec Producer/s: Tony Tackaberry, Allison Corn

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